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Our Crane Service & Tree Removal Experts Can Help

While crane-assisted tree removal isn’t necessary for every job, some circumstances require removing trees with the help of a crane. When our professional arborists are in a situation where traditional tree removal practices aren’t safe for the workers, property, or homeowners, they use a crane to remove the trees safely and effectively. Using a crane can also be helpful for other tree services, including tree inspections and pruning tall trees. Our professionals can better assess the overall health and structural integrity of a tree with the help of a crane.

When you need crane-assisted tree removal in Peachtree City, GA, and the surrounding areas, the team at Boss Tree Service can help. Our tree experts have decades of experience providing a wide range of comprehensive tree services to home and business owners. Call us today to learn more about our professional tree removal services!

When Would I Need Professional Crane Services?

Crane Services Peachtree City

At Boss Tree Service, we are always ready to help when you need us. While some trees can be trimmed or removed without using a crane, larger trees may require professional crane services to ensure an efficient and safe outcome. Our team of tree experts owns and operates a 30-ton, 100-foot crane for various types of tree services we offer. Whether your business has been affected by fallen trees or there’s a tree you would like removed from your property, we can help you get the job done.

Using a crane to remove large trees can save you time and money, as well as ensure the surrounding land isn’t affected. Climbing trees can also be extremely dangerous without the right equipment and experience, so it’s crucial to invest in a professional crane service from the tree experts at Boss Tree Service. It is ideal to remove a large tree with a crane when:

  • The tree is dead or dying and poses a risk of falling
  • The tree is structurally unsound
  • The root system is damaging structures or plants
  • A tree is too close or has become tangled in electrical wires or cabling
  • A tree has fallen onto a property or large structure
  • A tree has fallen across the main road

What Size Crane Is Needed for Tree Removal?

We calculate the size of the crane we will need based on the size of the tree that needs to be removed. Cranes are measured in tons, and our arborists also consider how far out the boom arm can reach. Our 100-ton cranes can handle most jobs.

How Does Crane Assisted Tree Removal Work?

We use telescoping boom cranes because they’re mobile, stable, and have impressive telescoping capabilities that allow our tree experts to reach tall trees from several angles. Our professional arborists follow this process for crane-assisted tree removal:

  • Assessment & Inspection: Our team will thoroughly inspect your tree to create a plan for removing the tree in the quickest, safest, and most effective way with the assistance of a crane.
  • Hooking the Tree to the Crane: Once the crane operators have determined what it will take to remove the tree, they hook the tree to the crane boom.
  • Removing the Tree: Our top-of-the-line crane will vertically lift the tree out of the ground. In some situations, excavators may be used to assist in removing very old and large trees. Finally, the crane operators will move the tree to a drop zone for further processing and transportation.

Call to See How Our Assisted Tree Removals Can Help You

When you have trees in your yard that can’t be removed with traditional methods, our tree experts can use crane-assisted tree removal to get trees off your property and out of your way. Our investment in state-of-the-art cranes helps home and business owners throughout Newnan and Peachtree City, GA, remove trees safely, efficiently, and within their budget. Contact us today to learn more about our crane-assisted tree removal services!

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