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Emergency Tree Removal by Boss Tree Service

24-Hour Emergency Response

Although trees add pleasing aesthetics to your home or business, there may come a time when tree removal is necessary. This is especially true if the trees are threatening your safety. Whether your trees are creating a hazard, or they are dead and rotting, Boss Tree Service is the company to turn to when you need a residential tree removal service. In fact, we have 24-hour emergency tree removal services should a tree fall and cause problems due to extreme weather. With our emergency tree removal in Coweta County and surrounding cities, you won’t be stuck with a downed tree that’s blocking your way or destroying your home for long. Efficiency and reliability are some of our main goals. Call us today for tree service!

Tree Removal Services in Newnan & Peachtree City, GA

What Our Tree Removal Services Provide

At Boss Tree Service, our tree experts go above and beyond to ensure each one of our customers’ tree-related needs is not only met but exceeded. Our professional tree service team has more than 40 years of combined tree cutting, tree care, and tree removal experience in Coweta County and surrounding cities. Our tree experts have assisted countless businesses and homeowners throughout the Newnan area to College Park and South Atlanta with their tree problems. If you believe a tree on your property is diseased or damaged and fear it may fall, call our professional tree service company! We can remove it! When you hire us to remove a tree, we provide:

  • Expert tree climbers
  • An owner on every project site
  • New/well-maintained equipment
  • If needed, a 30-ton, 100-foot crane services
  • Removal of debris and removal and grinding of the stump
Tree Removal Information & Process in Newnan & Peachtree City, GA

What You Need to Know About Tree Removal

We at Boss Tree Service pride ourselves on the workmanship and dedication we put into each and every job. We are a family-oriented business that is locally-owned and operated. You won’t feel like just another customer when you choose Boss Tree Service. Instead, you’ll feel like a respected long-time friend when you experience our excellent customer care. With over 40 years of combined experience here at the company, Boss Tree Service will confidently provide you with the best tree services in all of Coweta County and surrounding cities. We’ve compiled all the basics you need to know about tree removal by providing answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have any additional inquiries, please let us know.

What Is Involved in the Tree Removal Process?

Tree removal in Coweta County and surrounding cities, especially that of large trees, requires the skills of a trained professional. This is not a job you should attempt yourself. Instead, hire us to complete the job safely and protect your property. Our tree removal process includes the following steps:


We’ll first take a look at the tree in question and assess any risks, such as proximity to power lines, structures, or fences. We may have you move some items, like outdoor patio furniture and other easily portable objects.

Cutting Branches

For large tree removals, we’ll start by cutting off branches first, gradually moving to the largest branches on the tree. We’ll use specialized equipment like bucket trucks, pulleys, rigging, and climbing gear as needed to do the job safely.

Taking Down the Trunk

The largest and highest portions of the trunk are usually the most dangerous sections of the tree. These sections are heavy and can cause damage if not cut and lowered properly. We’ll ensure these sections are secured and lowered using our pulley system, so they arrive safely on the ground.

Cleaning of the Site

Once the entire tree has been brought down, we’ll grind the stump and thoroughly remove it. We’ll also clean up any other sticks or debris.

Tree Trimming Permit Process in Newnan & Peachtree City, GA

Do I Need a Permit to Remove a Tree?

The city of Newnan requires tree removal permits for all trees that are eight inches or more in diameter. We’ll help you obtain the permits required by working with you to fill out the permit request for the city. Once the city has the application, the city arborist will come to inspect the trees and approve or deny the removal. Once approved, we will pick up the permit and remove the tree. For emergency tree removal in Coweta County and surrounding cities, in which trees have already fallen, this process is not required.

Tree Removal Factors by Boss Tree Service in Newnan & Peachtree City, GA

When Should I Consider Tree Removal?

There comes a time when you have to assess whether a tree is worth the risk of damaging your property. And there are some obvious signs to let you know that the risk factors of the tree are rising. You should consider tree removal in Coweta County and surrounding cities if:

  • The tree is dying or is in declining health
  • The location of the tree is too close to your home, garage, or power line
  • The tree has a noticeable lean toward your home or other structure
  • Its roots are beginning to create a threat to the stability of your foundation, driveway, or sidewalk

We’re a Full-Service Tree Care Provider

As Coweta County’s premier tree care company, Boss Tree Service is available to perform other tree services for you besides tree removal. Although you may be tempted to tend to your trees by yourself, you likely do not have adequate training or appropriately safe tools for doing so. Let the experts at Boss Tree Service take care of the tree trimming, tree cutting, and stump grinding for you. If our jobs are messy, we’ll even take care of debris removal and tree chipping, leaving your property in better condition than when we arrived.

24/7 Emergency Tree Removal in Coweta County and Surrounding Cities

As leaders in tree care service and pruning, we understand the operation of climbing trees, handling fallen trees, and removing trees and tree-related debris. We offer around-the-clock services, so you’re never inconvenienced with a downed or overgrown tree. You can trust us to remove trees from your property in a timely manner at an affordable cost. Dial 770-251-8000 now to receive a free estimate or to request emergency tree removal in Coweta County.

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