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Tree Safety & Tree Health Inspections

Having your trees inspected regularly is important for ensuring they’re healthy, structurally sound, and aren’t a hazard to your property. Severely diseased and decaying trees can be detrimental to your property, the structures sitting on it, and other foliage on your property. If you have trees on your property, it might be time to get a tree inspection (also known as a tree risk survey) to identify any potential problems with the trees on your property.

The professional arborists at Boss Tree Service have decades of experience providing a wide range of comprehensive tree services to home and business owners in Newnan, GA, and the surrounding areas. When it’s time to have your trees inspected, our tree experts have the expertise for the job. Call us today to learn more about our thorough tree inspection services!

What Is Tree Inspection?

We perform tree inspections to discover any potential problems with your trees that can put you or your property at risk. All tree inspections and surveys must be carried out by a fully qualified arborist with accreditations to conduct a complete and detailed assessment. The objective of our tree inspections is:

  • To check the current condition of the trees, and
  • To identify any potential problems with the tree to prevent future damage

What’s Included in a Tree Inspection?

As qualified arborists, our detailed tree inspections include:

  • Tree species identification (including the scientific name)
  • Tree measurements
  • A thorough assessment of any issues found
Tree Inspection Service in Peachtree City, GA

Who Is Responsible for Arranging a Tree Inspection?

Anyone who has a property with trees could use a tree inspection to ensure they’re in good condition and won’t pose a hazard to the surrounding property and structures. For businesses, it might be an estate manager or local council responsible for ensuring the trees on their property are healthy and structurally sound.

Additionally, some homeowners may be interested in learning more about the trees on their property, or they might schedule inspections if they notice the foliage isn’t looking as healthy as it once did. Ultimately, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to arrange professional tree inspection services.

What Are the Different Types of Tree Surveys & Inspections?

Depending on your individual needs and budget, the tree experts at Boss Tree Service offer several types of tree inspections:

  • Walk-Over Tree Survey – Our walk-over tree survey is great for a location with many trees, including schools, nature parks, and woodland areas. Our tree experts visually inspect all the trees from ground level to check for any areas with damage, disease, or decay. As the most cost-effective option, this type of tree inspection is most suitable for those with a large area of trees or a limited budget.
  • Full Tree SurveyOur full tree surveys are conducted in a much more detailed assessment. Our arborists inspect each tree on your property, recording all the information within a comprehensive account. This type of tree inspection is best for a collection of trees that are being closely looked at or researched or for areas with a wide variety of tree species.
  • Climbed Tree InspectionIn some cases, our arborists may recommend a climbed tree survey for a more thorough inspection of damaged or hazardous trees if they find something questionable from the ground level. Due to the safety hazards involved with this type of inspection, a licensed and qualified professional arborist must carry out this type of work.
  • BS5837:2012 Tree SurveyThis type of tree survey is used for property owners developing on land that’s close to trees. This is typically used for development or construction sites or for property owners who require permission to add foliage to their property. This survey is British Standard and assesses any potential restrictions caused by surrounding trees, such as rooting and light blocking. It must be done before any further work is carried out on development sites.

What Services Are Available to Fix Any Issues Found?

If the results of your tree inspection indicate any type of tree issue, the professional arborists at Boss Tree Service will offer advice and recommendations for the work required. Depending on your specific circumstance, several options are available to remedy tree issues, and our tree experts can point you in the right direction.

How Often Should I Have My Trees Inspected?

Trees should be inspected regularly. Inspections and surveys are best done during the growing season and dormancy, and follow-up inspections should be conducted after severe weather patterns. At a minimum, a professional arborist should inspect your trees every five years, especially if your trees are showing signs of disease, decay, or damage from storms.

Call Today for Expert Tree Inspection Services

When you have trees that need to be looked at, our trusted arborists can help determine if you have any issues with your trees, what condition they’re in, and additional information about their species. We have decades of experience performing tree inspections and surveys and want to be your go-to tree service provider in Newnan, GA, and the surrounding areas, including Peachtree City.

Along with providing thorough tree inspection services, the tree experts at Boss Tree Service are skilled in a wide range of professional tree services, including tree removal and emergency tree services. Contact us today to take advantage of our comprehensive tree services!

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